Estevan Police Chief Rich Lowen confirmed that a man has died from a drug overdose in Estevan.

The death happened on Friday Jan. 13, just as EPS alerted the community that fentanyl had surfaced in town.

"We did have an overdose death that we're treating as an overdose and we're still undergoing testing on the drugs that were found, and also we're having an autopsy done on the deceased," Lowen said.

Lowen added that whether or not fentanyl specifically was involved in the death is still under investigation.

He also commented on the dangers of the lethal drug.

"Fentanyl is dangerous just by the shear potency of it. It is such a strong opioid. It's 100 times stronger than morphine," Lowen said. "It takes such a small amount that can produce a fatal result. And the challenge is when it gets mixed in with other drugs, there's no way for a user to know how much is in it, there's no sure way to know. And just a small milligram of it can cause a is such a dangerous drug."

Lowen also encouraged people to get the help they need to avoid these drugs.

"If somebody has an addictions issue, please reach out, please get the help that you need. That's what the healthcare system is for."

Lowen said there have been 5 overdose deaths in Estevan in the last year.