With the Energy City Ex and graduation events happening this past weekend, the Estevan Police Service was more visible throughout the community. According to reports released, speeding and impaired driving were their main focus. 

June 16

Police arrested a 66 year old woman for driving with alcohol in her system after a traffic stop downtown. The driver failed to provide an adequate sample of her breath to a screening device, so she was lodged in cells until sober. She has a court date in August. 

EPS is investigating a hit-and-run between a semi/trailer and a SUV in the city. There were no injuries reported. 

While responding to a possible domestic disturbance on the south side of the city, EPS noted that one of the parties fled. That person was subsequently arrested until other members could assist. It was later found to be an argument between the people involved, with nothing physical reported. 

June 15

A BC driver was found to be speeding just outside of the city and was issued a ticket. Two separate drivers were stopped by the EPS after speeding on the west side of the city. Charges are pending. 

High visibility check stops were conducted with a focus on impaired driving. Only 1 driver was suspended for driving with cannabis in their system. Though many tickets were issued, EPS noted that all drivers tested for alcohol came back negative. 

EPS is investigating a theft at a liquor store. Members were able to find the suspect using the establishment's video surveillance. 

The police also responded to two separate reports of people in distress and a request from another law enforcement agency to aid in locating a missing person.