The RCMP and SGI are working together to make sure everyone arrives safely during the holidays.  

The RCMP stressed in a recent release that driving under the influence remains a problem across Saskatchewan.  

Saskatchewan RCMP and Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (including municipal police partner agencies) have found 2643 drivers who had recently consumed alcohol and/or drugs on Saskatchewan roads. 

There were 1,560 drivers charged criminally, and 1,083 were handed roadside suspensions. 

Estevan Police Service Deputy Chief Murray Cowan said that they increase their high-visibility check stops this time of the year. 

“We certainly have more eyes on the street focusing on it given the fact that people are celebrating more this time of year.”  

The charges the EPS lay are for alcohol and drug impairment. With the legalization of marijuana, this is something they are seeing more frequently.  

Cowan gives credit to SGI and their Reporting Impaired Drivers (RID) program. 

There are telltale signs that someone is driving while under the influence. This includes swerving all over the road and running red lights and stop signs.  

If you see someone driving irradicably or believe they are driving while impaired, you should report it, by pulling over and calling 911.  

“Members actually don’t need reasonable grounds anymore to request a breath sample into a roadside screening device”  

If found driving under the influence you can be charged with impaired driving, and if you are on the graduated license program you could be looking at a minimum of a 72-hour license suspension and seizure of your vehicle. 

“I have to say kudos to our community because the vast majority of people are responsible.” 

The police remind everyone that if they are out celebrating for the holiday to plan for a safe ride home.  

This could be a designated driver, a taxi, or not partaking in alcohol before getting behind the wheel.  

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