The Estevan Public Youth Centre, known locally as EPYC, is gearing up for a heartwarming initiative that aims to benefit the community. In a recent interview with Adam Elliott, the Executive Director of EPYC, he shed light on their upcoming event, the "EPYC Closet."

Elliott described the EPYC Closet as a clothing drive set to take place on Sunday, October 22, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. The initiative is designed to provide a helping hand to families in need by accepting clothing donations for individuals of all ages, from infants to elders. The only requirement for the donated items is that they should be cleaned and gently used, with a focus on avoiding clothing items filled with rips and tears.

"What we're doing is we're taking all those donations of clothes, then on October 22nd, we're going to sell them back to people for a dollar each," Elliott explained. "Everything for a dollar, it doesn't matter the size. Doesn't matter if it's shoes, jeans, pants, or shirts. Everything's a dollar, which is going to help us out a bit with our day-to-day running of EPYC, but it also helps out the community, which is the main goal of this. To be able to help out the community and give people the chance to get the clothes that they need for their families, especially if they don't make as much."

Elliott emphasized that this initiative can be a significant relief for many families, especially those facing financial challenges. "There are always families in need," he stated. "To be able to give this back to a lot of families in the area is just a blessing and a great way for the youth at EPYC to help volunteer and support those families as well."

Elliott also encouraged community involvement and participation, mentioning their ongoing need for volunteers of all ages, specifically those aged 19 years or older. He emphasized that age should not deter anyone from considering volunteer work, sharing a personal anecdote about a senior who made a significant impact by engaging with his youth group.

"I know for myself growing up here in Estevan. I remember there was a guy who'd pop by our youth group every so often, and he was probably in his 70s, and everyone loved having him around," Elliott reminisced. "We loved it, it was a great time. He wasn't getting out playing dodgeball with us, but just to have his presence there, it was really quite welcome, and we would talk to him all the time."

With the EPYC Closet event just around the corner, Estevan residents have the opportunity to contribute to their community and help provide essential resources to those in need.

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