The Estevan Public Youth Centre (Which is also known as EPYC) has gotten off to a great fall season so far, with plenty of activities available to youth in Estevan.

While only one week into the season, a variety of activities have begun, focusing on peer relationships and drop-in services.

Not only is the fall season new, but one of the coordinators behind the program is pretty new herself.

Executive Director Juli Dzuba joined up with EPYC at the start of August, and she says she's already comfortable in the role.

"The last few months for EPYC have been great. we just started programming last week, so that was really exciting for us," said Dzuba, "It was really neat to see all our planning and work start to come together and engage some youth in the community."

So far their first night has been a success, with a lot more fun planned out for the rest of the month.

"Last week we started with a board game night, this week on Friday we'll do an open art class, so folks can just come in and do some art, paint some things, do whatever they wanna do, just hang out a little bit with us," said Dzuba, "Towards the end of the month, we'll be doing some things like gratitude journaling, we'll have a movie night, some minute to win it games, and we'll also be moving to the multipurpose room to do some gym games."

EPYC has also navigated around restrictions, as masking mandates went into effect near the start of their programs.

Dzuba says that so far they're just going with the flow of things.

"So far we're just keeping in line with what's going on," said Dzuba, "Because we're using the leisure center facilities we are kind of following their direction and their lead, and we're kinda gonna keep up with their rules and restrictions."

So far, no programming for winter has been finalized, as October is being considered a month to test out and see what works and what doesn't.

Dzuba asks that anyone willing to supervise and volunteer should call in to talk with her since EPYC is always looking for more help.