The Estevan Public Youth Centre held an exhibtion showing off photos taken by their girls group, as part of their summer activites.

EPYC has been holding events throughout the spring and summer since they moved into their new building, on the corner of Souris avenue and 6th street. 

The "Life in an Instant" research project took place over the month of June, with the girls taking pictures and making collages to show off their daily life in southeast Saskatchewan.

Executive Director Juli Dzuba says that they were focused on making sure those girls could express themselves through the photos.

"The theme was definitely like rural girlhood and figuring out what life is like through their eyes. so we wanted to make sure that it came specifically through themselves." "It has gone extremely well, this is our first girl's group and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Media mentors for this research project, so we were very, very lucky."

Dzuba says that the girls were happy to take part in the research group.

"The girls were very excited to participate. It seemed like they were very engaged with the process throughout, they enjoyed taking the photos, and it was really exciting to hear what they had to say about the photos they were taking."

Another project like this might happen in the future, though it may take a different shape with a different group.

"We would be happy to have another girls group or a boys group or just a teen group in general. This one was kind of unique and special because it came to us with this research project, so I don't know if it'll look exactly like this again but we are very open to trying new things in the future, for sure."

Dzuba says that now they'll be opening up their hours as the summer progresses, with more information coming through their social media.