While new cases in the province are much higher today, the province is saying that's mainly due to an earlier error.

The Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory determined that results from a number of COVID-19 tests were not entered into the provincial database. 

After an investigation, it was determined 2,777 tests were not entered in September, including 241 positive tests.

That number is now included in yesterday's report.

In Saskatchewan, there are 650 new cases, with 241 from September and 409 from yesterday, and 393 recoveries make the current active case count 4,564.

Hospitalizations have decreased by eight to 348, and there are four more deaths.

In the South East, there are 63 new cases and 14 recoveries, making the number of active cases in the area 317.

In South East, Sub Zone 4, which is the area around Estevan, there are 20 new cases and the current active case count is 103.