A series of protests were held nationwide Wednesday, including one in Estevan, as part of the "1 Million March 4 Children".

The protests have been controversial, with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network publishing an X thread on the protests a week before.

While the protest says it's focused on parental rights, the network says that's a troubling concept.

"Many of these new policies and the discussions surrounding them have invoked the idea of parental rights. This particular concept has a history of being used by Christian fundamentalists to argue that schools have to respect their desire to deny their children sexual health education or any teaching that 2SLGBTQ+ persons can and should be accepted, affirmed, and loved."

Some people who are protesting disagree, including Miles Fichter, a member of Concerned Citizens Estevan.

"To me, it's about the morals and ethics that the that the children are getting, you know, impressed upon in the schools, nobody has the right to take precedence over the parents, to shape their own child's morality values and their ethics." 

While counter-protestors did make themselves known during some protests in Canada, Esteven had no counter-protestors show up.