As the Estevan Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, Executive Director Jackie Wall highlights the key achievements and enduring legacy of the chamber. 

Estevan's Chamber is one of the strongest in the country, with a high membership rate for its population size, explained Wall. She added that the chamber has seen a high number of continued memberships and has welcomed many new members over the last five years.

The 120th anniversary is also a significant milestone as it means the chamber is older than the province. 

“So we are a member organization. We receive our funding from our memberships, our Chambers plan program, and of course, our events. And then we do have some support also from the RM of Estevan."

Wall said that advocating for community businesses is an integral function of the chamber. She added that the Estevan Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Saskatchewan Chamber, and through that membership was able to attend a political forum in Regina on April 30.

“We’re able to bring our members' voices to the province and also to the federal level, with the Canadian Chamber as well. So, we are the voice for business in this community.”

In the nine years Wall has been in this role, she said there has been a definite focus on energy production within the province.

“We do advocate as well, with taxation. Federally, there was a business tax several years ago that was going to be coming in. The chamber network rallied behind mitigating the amount of changes there, and just really trying to ensure that small and medium-sized businesses are being heard and that they are thriving because that is the backbone of the Canadian economy.”

Throughout the year, the chamber has also hosted various events, including the Farm Family Banquet. This also includes Coffee Talk, which showcases a specific group or topic and runs on the first Wednesday of each month. “You can come with your ideas, you can come with your opinions, and it’s a conversation about the topic as well,” said Wall. “We really appreciate people coming out and having a positive conversation.”

The Estevan Chamber of Commerce will kick off its 120th-anniversary celebrations on May 30, 2024, with the Southeast Success Summit. This day-long event promises a wealth of learning opportunities and resources from across the region. The festivities will culminate in the evening with a banquet featuring Premier Scott Moe as the keynote speaker.