The Estevan City Council had its city council meeting and the first item on its agenda was the new downtown development project video.

Recently released after being made by George Harris Collaborative Inc, one of the consultation companies hired for the project, it depicts some of the changes that could come to downtown Estevan in the future.

After its release last week, the city gathered some feedback from citizens as to what they thought about the potential changes.

Councillor Shelly Veroba says that one of the top priorities that people shared with her was the cost of the changes.

"One comment I have heard is 'who's paying for this?'. So basically this funding will come from the Western Diversification Program funding, which is a federal program. So this funding, if we don't use it, if we're accepted or approved, another community will use those funds. That's 100% why we decided to do this and move forward with it."

While some people may think those developments are set in stone, the councilors stressed that those are an example of what could happen, with Councillor Travis Frank saying they still want community feedback.

"There's still a lot of work to be done and we're still very open to any comments," said Frank, "There's a survey it's, I've been told, very long but very valuable. If you can fill it out, it's worth your time as a citizen to fill that survey out so that information can go into what plans there are, and we can keep fine-tuning this with all of our staff who are making it happen."

With that fine-tuning, many of the comments left by citizens will be gotten to once the funding has been secured for the project, such as making sure the streets can be plowed properly as explained by Councillor Veroba.

"There are some comments regarding the snow removal, things like that but like Councilor Frank said these are renderings that are design concepts and so will be fine-tuned once we're approved for funding. It's a great concept and I think we can move forward."