The Estevan Police Service is receiving $638,000 in government grant money to help maintain and improve safety and service in the community.  

A press release from the government of Saskatchewan said that the Ministry of Correction, Policing, and Public Safety is providing $458,000 to the City of Estevan through the Municipal Police Grants program. 

Saskatchewan Government Insurance is providing an additional $180,000 for the continuation of one position as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative.  

The money continues the province's funding of four positions on the Estevan Police Service and one position with the Combined Traffic Services of Saskatchewan, which had already been in place.

“With this vital support the province helps us continue to make our city safer through crime prevention, traffic safety and assisting those in mental health crisis," said Estevan Police Service Chief Rich Lowen.

"This partnership helps us work together to support the strategic plan of the Estevan Police Service, which includes a safe community and an efficient service," Lowen said.

"Government appreciates our collaborative partnership with the Estevan Police Service," Highways Minister and Estevan MLA Lori Carr said on behalf of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman. "This funding continues to support our local service and their targeted policing initiatives as they work tirelessly to uphold public safety in our community."

Since 1998, the Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety has provided funds to police services across Saskatchewan through the Municipal Police Grants program. The program currently supports 143 municipal police positions and targeted policing initiatives.

"We would like to thank the province once again for their supportive funding, allowing us to continue essential, positive policing initiatives in our community," Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig said. "These resources allow us to maintain our investment in keeping our city and its community members safe." 

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