The Estevan Curling Club presented schematics for proposed upgrades to their kitchen facilities to the city council.  

Tyler McMillen, ECC president explained that upgrades to the kitchen including plumbing, and new countertops will allow for more efficient, and safe use of the area for food preparation.  

The ECC brought blueprints with them that show what the proposed kitchen area will look like. 

The council discussed the request and questioned if the upgrades to the kitchen would bring in sufficient revenue to the building which is owned by the city.  

“I’m anticipating by the end of March, we’ll have an idea of the extra generation of funds we have for the curling club,” said Pauline Ziel Grimsrud, Estevan Curling Club Manager.  

Councilor Veroba noted that she was not sure whether the city should be paying for the renovation or if the curling club should be. The council also discussed if the need for washroom upgrades was more pertinent than the kitchen.  

Grimsrud said that the ECC will continue to operate the kitchen and see what kind of money it could bring in for the club.  

The council tabled further discussions about the proposed upgrades until all the financials could be looked at in closer detail.