A winter storm hit the province this past weekend, with an estimated 20 centimeters landing in the Estevan area and, according to the forecast, more snow is on the way. 

“So the good news is that everything is going to slowly improve as the day goes on,” said Meteorologist for Environment Canada Eric Dykes. “Today, still some blowing snow in the East and southeast of the province and we're going to see the skies clear here through the morning hours. So it should be a cool day, but at least the snow is going to slowly abate as we get through the morning hours here and the winds will diminish as well as we get to certainly in towards the evening hours tonight. So that is the good news. Most of the storm is now pushing off in towards Manitoba and Northern Ontario.” 

Dykes did note, however, that there is more snow in the forecast. 

“There is a little bit more coming in fact, but not nearly as much as what we saw with this system,” he said. “Another system, much weaker in nature, is going to be crossing through Tuesday into Wednesday into the southeast from the United States, and perhaps we could see a centimeter or two of snow with that system coming through, but after that we slowly start to warm up and get back to normal temperatures which are -2 for this time of year come, come on Saturday.” 

Although Environment Canada has not yet confirmed the amounts, it’s estimated that roughly 20 centimeters fell yesterday. City crews were out early yesterday to start clearing off City roads but highways are still showing less than ideal driving conditions. 

“Ice-covered roads and drifting snow are making travel very, very dangerous right now,” noted Dykes. “So it's going to be tricky driving today. It's probably best still to dig yourself out, but not travel too far. At least if you can during the day today, let the plows do their work today and hopefully by Tuesday we'll be back up and running.” 

As the cleanup continues, several businesses have already announced that they will be closed for the day. Before venturing out only to find the business you are trying to visit is closed, it’s recommended to either call ahead or check that business's social media to confirm they are open. 

City crews won’t be the only ones cleaning up following the snowfall as residents will now begin the process of digging themselves out. 

“With the amount of snow that has fallen now, take your time when shoveling. Of course, because there is going to be a lot of snow out there, you don't want to hurt yourself. You don't want to strain yourself. If you can get help if necessary to help clear this, by all means, do so, but do take care and take it easy out there.”