The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has placed 14 charges against Estevan's Dr. Mehdi Horri, with hearings to begin at the college at a time yet to be determined.

The charges consist of several issues for three patients and Horri's conduct surrounding those.

Bryan Salte, a lawyer for the college, says the process will take longer than his previous disciplinary hearings because of the sheer quantity of charges

"When you have a number of different charges, it certainly does make the process more complex, but in general terms, the process is the same. Doctor Horri has an opportunity to deny or admit the charges."

"Any charges that he admits can go directly to a penalty hearing if he denies any or all of the charges, then it has to go to a contested hearing to determine whether the college will prove that Doctor Horri did what is alleged in the charge, and that if that occurred, that the conduct was unprofessional."

The charges from the college are entirely job-related, meaning that any criminal charges would first have to go through complaints to the police.

Any conversations of a doctor losing their license due to charges would be had after the charges are confirmed.

"One of the issues which arises in the context of any professional regulatory proceedings is how serious are the allegations and are those allegations proven inconsistent with a physician continuing to remain as a physician, but it's very premature to talk about that now because these are charges only they've not been proven and Dr. Horri has not admitted them."

Horri will have the opportunity to review the charges and the evidence behind them before proclaiming innocence or guilt.

"If you think about the parallel, the criminal justice system, if somebody is charged with a criminal offence, they'll be given the opportunity to review the disclosure to see all of the evidence, et cetera, before they ultimately make a decision whether they will plead guilty to the charge or will not. It's a similar situation with our college."

A representative from Horri's office said that he has no comment regarding the 14 charges and the college's investigation.