Inspired by programs in larger city centers, The Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre and the Orpheum Theatre are working together to offer families the opportunity to enjoy a kid-friendly movie experience.  

“The lights are a little bit dimmer. The kids are allowed to move around, chat moms can bring strollers in just so it's not so stressful for the parents to try and keep their kids sitting for a long period of time,” said Sydney Wanner, executive director of the EEYFRC. 

Wanner said that the resource center is sponsoring 40 admission tickets which are available for pick-up at the resource center. With the support of the theatre other family members can purchase tickets at a reduced rate.  

She said that it is also a great opportunity to offer some support to families who may not be able to treat their whole family to a movie day.  

The resource center held a similar event in December that had a great turnout.  

“A lot of parents said it was the first time taking their kid to the movies. So, it was just one of those core memories that they’ll be able to remember forever,” said Wanner.  

The theatre isn’t the only champion of the EEYFRC. They recently received a $3000 donation from Vermillion Energy which helps the center continue their bigger programming initiatives.  

Wanner explained that the programming at the center is for kids zero-eleven and is offered free thanks to these donations.  

Recently they hosted a bouncy castle morning, and they also took a group of kids bowling.  

She said that in addition to the cost factor, it is also nice to support larger families who may not be able to enjoy these activities with only one adult present.