As the high school football season approaches in Southeast Saskatchewan, the Estevan Elecs are eagerly preparing to take to the field with renewed vigour. In an exclusive interview with Mark Schott, the head coach of the Estevan Elecs football team, we delve into their forthcoming season and the promising opportunities for both players and coaches to join their ranks.

For potential players, Schott highlighted, "We only lost a couple of players from last year's team, but we're always looking to add new players to our team and bring new players into the mix."

Notably, the Estevan Elecs welcomes students in Grades 9 to 12 attending ECS, as well as students from neighbouring communities. Schott emphasized, "We have agreements in place with Arcola, Lampman, Midale, and Oxbow schools. Students at those schools who want to play football can come to ECS and join the team. We have a good core of our team right now, about five or six players that come in from Oxbow every day. They're just phenomenal kids, great football players, and they really add a lot to our team."

For potential coaches, Schott mentioned, "We had some coaches move on, and our coaching staff has jobs outside of school. I'm the only teacher on our coaching staff, so it's nice to have a number of coaches at practice just to help each other out and cover in case somebody's work responsibilities or family life comes up and they're not able to make it to practice."

Schott elaborated on the upcoming season, "We have our equipment handouts on Tuesday, August 22nd, and then our first practice is Thursday, August 24th. We usually practice every weekday from that point out that we don't have a game, to almost the end of October. While the season is intense and busy, it's important to note that it's also relatively short compared to other high school sports. We've got about 2-2 and a half months of practices almost every weekday, and then games are either Friday or Saturday."

For those interested in learning more about joining the Estevan Elecs family, potential players and coaches can reach out to Schott directly through his email address at He is readily available to provide all the necessary details and answer any queries.

As the Estevan Elecs gear up for an action-packed football season, the team's commitment to growth, teamwork, and thrilling victories is palpable. Whether as players or coaches, this season promises an unparalleled experience in the world of high school football.

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