The Estevan Family Resource Centre will be looking back at a year that saw facilities open back up following a pandemic at tonight's AGM.

That'll be held at 6:30 tonight in the centre, where they'll talk about how the year went and assess their current programs and events.

Participation in those events crept up over the year as they were able to open up.

With summer rolling around, the centre was at its best with plenty of kids having the summer off.

Program Director Sydney Wanner says that the events are still doing well as the temperature lowers.

"Now that the weather's a little bit colder, we're getting a lot more people coming through, so that's really exciting. We've seen a lot of newer families coming in as well, so we're hoping to keep that coming in."

They've made a lot of memories during the program over the year.

"I think one of the best memories we had here is when we did our back-to-school kits in August. We actually put together some backpacks," said Wanner,  "All the school supplies that some elementary kids would need, and then we actually got to give away 75 backpacks, which helped out over 50 families. So that was definitely one of the highlights of the year."

As the year is getting close to changing over, Wanner asks anyone who wants to participate to give them a shout.

"We're always looking for new third parties to come in. If anyone has any special skills or anything like that we'd love to hear from them, we're always looking for new programs and having new people come in."