After a quiet period during the pandemic, Estevan seemed to roar to life in 2022 with a wide variety of events throughout the year.

This included national events that brought people from across the country, as well as local events to support the community.

As well, progress was made on a number of projects in the city.

Estevan Mayor, Roy Ludwig, says that the year was jam-packed with events, some of which centered around the local hockey scene.

"I think we had another great year, and you look back, it's impressive how many things were accomplished in 2022. We had a lot of good events - the big one was the centennial cup, and of course, most of all the Bruins winning the league, which was the first time since 1999."

Besides those big events, local organizations got together as well, for events that supported local initiatives.

"We'd like to congratulate the United Way Telethon for another successful telethon, although it was a nail-biter. We had another successful [year] for the St. Joseph's Foundation, and the Festival of Trees, so another fantastic event. We can't thank our volunteers in our community enough," said Ludwig, "For giving us the opportunity to have these fantastic events and be successful."

The City is also looking towards what they'll be doing in 2023, with one eye set on power for the southeast.

"Now, we're looking at working with Saskpower. They're looking at picking a site for a proposed nuclear plant that will either be in the Estevan area or in Elbow," said Ludwig, "So we're hoping to be successful."

Said plant will likely be constructed at least a decade from now, but in the meantime, plenty of work still needs to be done.

Ludwig also thanked all of the people who work for and with the city crews that had cleared out the snow which had fallen recently, saying they do some of the best work in this part of the province.