With the warmer months nearing their end, the Estevan Humane Society is preparing for the colder months when pets will need more help.

So far, it's been a good season, explains Tayja Lakusta, the President of the Board of Directors.

"Adoptions have been actually quite steady and consistent, so we can't complain about that because sometimes we usually see a dip in adoptions with summer being as hectic as it is for everyone. So I can't complain about the adoption. We're getting slowly into a better space, ready for fall and that dreaded winter that's coming inevitably, sooner than later."

"It's been busy on the back end of things, kind of getting stuff done behind the scenes, ready to release to the public coming up, but other than that, it's been good."

The Humane Society had to order an intake freeze earlier this year, as too many pets were coming in and the shelter was beginning to run out of space.

While it's not fully over, Lakusta says they seem to be in a much better place.

"Yes and no. It's kind of never resolved. Somehow, we always continue to get intakes or medical needs cases that we can't really say no to. We're in a better position, I don't think we're at the point where we're openly taking owner surrender type things quite yet, but for strays and all that stuff, we're more open to having those conversations now."

 Now they're looking towards the fall fundraisers which may give them the rest of the boost they need towards the winter.

"We're feeling good, we're gearing up to get ready for the Duck Derby coming up in September here. The tickets aren't quite on sale. I'm hoping within the next couple of days they'll be ready to be on sale and start being sold, but that's basically our biggest next fundraiser. The focus right now is our Duck Derby."

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