Registration is officially open for the upcoming lacrosse season in Estevan, and Co-President Lorna Roy, in an exclusive interview with SUN 102, shared insights into the sport's dynamics and the drive to boost participation. The full interview can be heard at the bottom of this article.

Lacrosse, known for its physicality and intensity, is celebrated by Roy, "It's a wonderful sport. It's very physical, but it's a lot of fun" She acknowledged that parents may initially be concerned about the level of contact but reassured them that varying levels are designed for different age groups, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

Further emphasizing accessibility, Roy highlighted the organization's efforts to make participation cost-efficient, particularly for families new to lacrosse. For aspiring goaltenders, the organization provides specialized equipment. Additionally, the lacrosse community encourages a culture of sharing, where families contribute by passing down equipment that is outgrown when it is possible.

Looking beyond player involvement, there's a call for community members to explore coaching opportunities, team management, or joining the Estevan Lacrosse board.

For those keen on registering or learning more about Estevan Lacrosse, attention is directed to the organization's Facebook page and official website.

As the 2024 lacrosse season approaches, Estevan Lacrosse is excitedly gearing up for active participation and increased community involvement.