The Saskatchewan government's recent throne speech touched on a number of issues that they feel are important.

One of the main components of their speech was legislation which they'd be introducing in the coming months focusing on poppies.

Additionally, the province talked about some of its achievements so far, with Estevan MLA Lori Carr recounting those.

"It really did highlight everything that the Sask Party government has been doing over the past 16 years, how we have built several things within our province and people forget what's actually been done. So in the past 16 years, 60 new schools and thirty major renovations have taken place, and right now we have 17 schools that are being built within the province."

She detailed some of their other projects which have been ongoing in the province.

"We also have 35 major health projects completed under construction or in planning, including hospitals, urgent care centres, and long-term care facilities. one of those being right in Estevan that's being planned right now. We have completed nearly 20,000 kilometers, highways have been repaired or improved. We have 193 million in capital investments and preventative maintenance and Saskatchewan provincial parks, we've invested 780 million in post-secondary infrastructure as well as $22 billion in Crown Corporation capital, including the expansion of wireless services to more than 99% of the province."

Besides infrastructure, Carr says they've seen success also in building international relations.

"That's a lot of building that we've been doing over the past 16 years within the province. It also goes on to talk about all the successes that we have within the agriculture industry, all of the exports that are happening and the increases that are happening, the trade offices that we've developed across the world to ensure that they are aware of what Saskatchewan has to offer, food, fuel, fertilizer, and that we can get to the market to get those products to them." 

Carr says she's optimistic for the future of Saskatchewan.

"I think we're on the right track. We will continue to build products and services infrastructure within the province and then we'll protect it, we'll ensure that what we've got there is maintained well and that the services are there for people that need them. We will continue to use our health human resource plan to try to get those individuals into the healthcare system to ensure that people have the services that they need when they need them." 

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