The provincial government recently announced there would be a shuffle of the current cabinet.

That resulted in some MLAs going to new positions, moving out of old positions, and some staying in the same place.

Estevan MLA Lori Carr was previously the Minister for Social Services and was moved out of the seat with Gene Makowsky, the MLA for Regina-Gardiner Park.

Carr will still have ministerial duties - in fact, she's becoming the minister for multiple departments:

"It's a really big portfolio, I have got four different ministries: Saskbuilds and Procurement, as well as Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming - there's also the GTH (Global Transportation Hub) under there, and the Public Service Commission, so just a combination of all of those portfolios."

With multiple departments to work with, she'll likely be fairly busy. That work will be starting with Saskbuilds since it's a key contributor to the government's future plans.

"I think the work that's coming my way is going to be a lot of work," said Carr, "But it's really important work because with Saskbuilds it's part of our goal to 2030, and the work that happens there is going to help us attain those goals."

"I think first of all with Saskbuilds and procurement specifically - I guess I wouldn't have seen what was coming down the pipe and any projects that haven't been announced or anything yet,  so I'm really excited to do that stuff and to see what's coming for the province."

Carr also has another position, though this one is focused on what goes on inside of government.

"I have the opportunity to be Deputy Government House Leader, and basically what that means is that when we're in the house during proceedings, it'll be my job to watch what's going on, and if there's any breaking of the rules it's my job to call people on it."

Carr says that even with the new responsibilities, she'll make sure Estevan residents' voices are still heard by the province.