The federal budget will end up affecting Saskatchewan lives but Estevan's MLA believes that will be minor.

Lori Carr spoke about the budget, which was released earlier this week, about a month after Saskatchewan released its own yearly budget.

Carr says that the federal budget doesn't have much substance which will affect Saskatchewan people.

"It talks about fairness for every generation and one of the points that they have in there is economic growth, but this federal government has chosen not to replenish the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. That was a program where all levels federal, provincial, and municipal basically took a third share of projects and cost-shared it, and this program was designed to help municipalities with those vital projects that they would need to help grow their communities, and they chose not to replenish it."

Affordability was a measure the federal budget talked about but Carr says Saskatchewan will only see small areas fixed.

"We didn't see anything in the budget around relief of the carbon tax, and I guess we're not really surprised at that. But we we know that that actually hurts our economy, it hurts our families' bottom lines. So I would have really liked to see some relief there." 

"I guess the one thing that I was glad to see was around the carbon rebate for small businesses, this money will definitely be welcomed by them, but let's not kid ourselves. This is money that they have actually paid in, so really they're just getting their own money back." 

Even though Saskatchewan made up their budget before the federal one Carr says that they're unlikely to have to change anything for the provincial budget.

"We didn't really count on federal funding to help supplement ours. So if there is something once we come through the complete federal budget that we'll be able to take part in or maybe benefit from, then we'll certainly do that. But we didn't bank on anything helping our budget."

Carr says that regardless of what the federal budget contains the provincial government will work to help out Saskatchewan's economy.

"For Saskatchewan, it left all of the policies in place, you know, clean electricity standards, the carbon tax, different legislation that really doesn't help any of the economy that we have in Saskatchewan, that actually drives our economy. But we as a provincial government will continue to put policies in place that are friendly for business and truly try to help that economy ourselves."