Opening day for the Estevan Motor Speedway is fast approaching with a general meeting last night updating people on what's happening this year.

That included the Speedway's 50/50 system, the Wi-Fi, and signing a long-term deal with the concession operator.

As well they're getting the Speedway's track up to speed, with a community clean-up day to finish up the grounds next Saturday.

Estevan Motor Speedway President Brad Pierson says one of their biggest announcements included a couple of events coming to the Speedway this summer.

"Probably the most exciting news is that just we've landed a monster truck show that we'll run in August and you know our people want that so bad. This is the first public announcement of it, you'll start to see more of it through our Facebook, but it's going to be a huge weekend. Another big special we're looking at running, but it hasn't been made official, is a big stock car special on the 9 and 10 of August, so lots going on. Pumped up for a great season." 

Pierson says that he's excited for the season with a lot of improvements coming for the Speedway.

"Everyone's jacked up and it's just a matter we're dealing with a bit of a short window here before the May 4 start, but everyone's excited. Lots of cool plans going on for little improvements at the Speedway and just pulling bonuses to our fan base. So we're looking forward to a good one." 

During the meeting, some community response was also listened to with Pierson thankful for the input.

"That's where we were talking about bringing in a sprint car show and we decided to not bring that in and look to do a stock car special. So some really good ideas from the people that were there, and the meeting was well attended." 

Pierson says they're looking for anyone willing to put two or three hours into volunteering to help out at the clean-up next Saturday.