An Estevan area orchard managed to get a significant bounty after a growing season that managed to deliver the right conditions at just the right time.

Prairie Toons Orchard & Bakery grows fruits just southeast of Estevan, and this year's fortunes definitely seemed to turn around compared to the last one.

That included dealing with the snowstorms that crashed into Estean at the start of spring, which left a lot of moisture on the ground.

For an orchard, that also brought along heavy snow and high winds that left their mark on the trees.

Manager Aaron Cipilski says that even with those pressures they managed to get through the year.

"As soon as everything got going, we saw a good blossom rate on all the trees and we were hoping for a lot of fruit this year, which we ended up doing quite well. I think the total was somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 pounds of fruit this year, so that's really good."

The whole area seems to have gotten a good amount of moisture, with other farmers likely hoping to have as good of a harvest as the orchard did.

"There are still farmers that last year were calling and hoping for rain, and this year they're still kind of hoping for rain. Our prayers kind of got answered for this year in that we got the rains that we needed at the right times, and I'm sure a lot of farmers like myself are quite happy with the moisture we are getting. For some of them, I'm sure they're looking forward to a good harvest just as we got."

Those berries will be sold to the community in many different forms, some of which might be unconventional for saskatoons.

"We will sort it, clean it, and at this point, it's all frozen and we will have frozen fruit year-round for people to purchase. We'll also use that fruit in our bakery that we have out here, to do pies and jellies and really any other baking that we can think of that we can throw saskatoons in."