Plenty of big branches have been left behind in the southeast following strong winds and intense storms over the last few weeks.

Those can both pose a threat to safety when falling and can even potentially spread some disease between trees.

Estevan Parks Manager Shannon Wanner talks about what to do if you find a large branch has fallen onto your property.

"Most of them can be cut into smaller pieces and then just take them to the landfill to dispose of. That's probably your easiest way to do it, especially elm. The elm needs to be taken and disposed of properly if they have broken off."

If people see some larger branches have fallen on city property, Wanner says they can call in to get that sorted.

"You call city hall, leave your name, number, and the address of the tree branch and somebody will contact you, we'll take a look and then we will dispose of the tree or make arrangements to have it properly pruned and cut down. Then we will actually remove the dead branch and any of the other branches that need to be removed and disposed of properly."

In the case of a branch being either on or near a powerline, Wanner says the city isn't allowed to work on those, and instead asksk people to contact SaskPower to have those safely disposed of.

She also gave some tips on how to keep too many branches from piling up at once.

"If you got like big backyard trees, just look at your trees and make sure that that they're not cracking anywhere and have them pruned regularly for maintenance and that will help with some of the falling and broken branches."