Estevan's pathway system was officially opened last year in November, so this is the first summer that the paths have seen.

The stretching paths lace across Estevan and manage to survive their first winter practically unscathed.

Now they're being enjoyed by those who want to take a walk around the city without dealing with cars being nearby.

Estevan Police Constable Don Dechief says that while the pathways are still fairly fresh, he expects they've done a lot for the safety of those people.

"Little early to tell, I think but we're seeing a lot of people use them, so that's a good thing. Keeps everybody off the streets, that's also a good thing. I suspect that's going to help drastically as far as incidents are concerned. Those pathways are a long time coming and I'm glad they're here, for sure."

While the number of incidents should go down, cyclists should still be following some safety tips when it comes to being on the pathway.

"What we usually say is that if you're going to use the sidewalks or pathways when you come upon somebody who is walking," said Dechief, "It's a good idea to get off of your bike and walk past that person before you get back on. That's just a courtesy and the people walking will like to see that."

Dechief says that even he's seen speedy bikers who could be a cause of injury.

"Last night we were out for a walk and somebody was just coming down the path and we ended up having to get out of his way. He was all over the road, so it's just one of those kinds of things. They're wide and well built and everything else but you just gotta slow down and get off and walk your bike around and then get back on again."