Police Chiefs from across the province will be coming to Estevan this fall as the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police holds a meeting.

The bi-annual meeting will be held on October 11 and 12, including executive officers from municipal police services, RCMP F Division, railway police, and the executive director of the Saskatchewan Police Commission.

Estevan Police Service Chief Rich Lowen says they'll be touching on details that matter across the province.

"We usually talk a lot of general discussion in regards to issues that involve all of Saskatchewan, including issues that involve all of Canada. So we have the reports from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police delegations and then we also speak to issues that we're facing here whether that be any kind of policing, public safety issues, or topics like that."

Some of the specific topics include upcoming national legislation and programs that other cities have tried out.

"We would have presentations from public safety on the federal buyback program that they're still initiating. We'll have a discussion over the Saskatchewan Firearms Act. MAD Canada will be doing a presentation." 

"Amber Alert Working Group is going to be presenting our presentation on the impacts of NG 911, which is the system that's coming into Canada here in the next year or two. Also, we'll have a discussion around the body-worn camera program from Saskatoon Police Service and those are just some of the topics that we'll be covering."

Lowen says he predicts the things they'll talk about will be important for everyone in the province.

"It's going to be applicable to everybody in Saskatchewan, it affects policing right across the province and when we start having presentations from the federal level, it starts affecting all of Canada. So everything we'll be discussing has an impact here and it'll be up to us to see how we implement those, those changes or initiatives as they come through."

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