The law enforcement community is taking some time to send condolences after the recent deaths of two Edmonton patrol officers.

Constable Travis Jordan and Constable Brett Ryan were shot Thursday morning and were rushed to hospital by other officers, where they were pronounced dead.

Police services across the country in Calgary, Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area, and Halifax were among those who expressed condolences.

Estevan Police Chief Rich Lowen offered similar condolences, saying the situation had hit close to home for Estevan officers.

"It really right across Canada and North America and even actually internationally, just the policing profession becomes kind of a family. It's a job that we all can relate to and we're all working in the same field and when something happens to a member of the family, it happens to all of us. So that's why our emotions are felt from anywhere right across the country."

"Just knowing the sadness that it brings in and the emotions that the Edmonton Police Service and the family of the fallen members are going to see, we just want them to know that our thoughts are with them and it has an impact on everybody and everybody realizes the job we do and the hazards we face and it's just a horrible, horrible thing that happened."

The incident took place as the two officers were responding to a family dispute, with the shooter taking his own life as well.

Lowen says that those situations can present some dangers.

"We try and do things as safe as possible whenever we do things and we are always concerned for the safety of our members, we're always concerned with the safety of the public. We try and do things as safe as possible but when you're dealing with people that are having tragedies of their own or having difficulties of their own, there's a level of unpredictability that we just can't predict."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all the members of Edmonton police and the families of the fallen members," said Lowen, "It affects us all right across Canada and just to let them know that their service isn't forgotten, that we will remember them."