The Estevan Police Service was just one of many different groups out and about this weekend following the blizzard which hit the southeast.

They were ready to assist anyone that had gotten stuck if they decided to take a chance on the roads.

Environment Canada says that the area got around 30-40 centimeters, which was enough to stop most vehicles.

The police mainly busied themselves with getting people out of the snow that had piled up.

Constable Lana Gropp says that she wishes more people had taken earlier advice to stay home during the storm.

"It would've been nice if people had stayed home if they didn't need to go out because there was a large number of vehicles stuck, mainly in the residential areas. The snowplows were doing a pretty good job of keeping the main arteries clear, but it was on the side streets where people were having the most problems."

Even with those vehicles stuck, the Estevan Police had a weekend without many calls.

"It was not too bad, I can't say that we had any real big problems. There was a couple of us who got stuck here and there," said Gropp, "But we had the city come and help us out. Their efforts are appreciated and they did the best they could with the amount of snow that fell."