The Estevan Police Service is anticipating a large volume of storm-related calls.

Up to 40 centimetres of heavy snow combined with rain, freezing rain, and strong winds is poised to hit the region.

Sgt. Evan Handley said these situations drastically affect their shifts.

"We'll have lots of calls. Vehicles stuck, people stuck, people can't walk, or people have fallen. We'll also have lots of accidents. Hopefully we won't. But often times that does happen. If we don't get there as fast as you think, just a reminder that we're taking our time to get where we need to go as well."

Handley said you should avoid driving if possible, though some people have to hop in their cars.

"For those out there having to drive places today or tomorrow, give yourself extra time. Slow down well in advance of your intersections because the roads again will be very slippery, and we don't want to see any accidents. Just make sure you give yourself time and slow down. If you don't have to drive anywhere, please don't drive."

Pedestrians should also take safety measures, according to Handley.

"Make sure you wear bright-coloured clothing, especially if you're walking in the evening with the snow and the wind, it can be very hard to see people. Do your best to not walk on the streets. We know the sidewalks will get packed, but the streets are going to be slippery and we'd hate to see somebody fall and fall in the way of a motor vehicle."

You can read about the City of Estevan's plan for the storm here.