Starting Wednesday, the community will get to voice their opinion on the Estevan Police Service in a survey.

Prairie Research Associates will be working with the EPS as they look to collect feedback and their performance in Estevan.

The survey will be conducted with phone calls, through both landlines and mobile phones, using postal code information.

EPS Chief Rich Lowen says the community has some experience with the methods.

"People might remember when we had one done back in 2019. It's done by the University of Regina to try and get a feel of what the community wants. It's done in conjunction with the board of police commissioners so we can have a direction for the future."

The look will include a number of topics that deal with police presence and conduct in the city.

"You're going to be looking at everything from their confidence in the police, fear of crime, visibility presence of police, and how they feel their community is being policed, so there'll be a number of questions in relation to that."

A release put out last week stated that "Participation in the survey is completely voluntary, but the Estevan Police Service encourages residents to take the opportunity to provide their feedback if contacted for this survey."

Members of the EPS or people living with members will be excluded.

The Community Perceptions Survey results are expected to be made public early in the new year.

You can contact the EPS at 306-634-4767 for more information.

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