Estevan Police had their work cut out for them this weekend, with 49 different occurrences in and around the community.

Friday was the start of what would be a long weekend for service members - here are some of the notable cases:

  • They received two separate driving complaints located near Macoun. While members attended the scene, both vehicles were not located.
  • Police were dispatched to a building on the east end of town, with reports of a disturbance caused by youth. The youth were located and released to their parents.
  • Service members were dispatched to deal with a man attempting to enter vehicles. He was located in a parking lot and arrested for breaching conditions, soon after being lodged in a cell. He will have a date in court in about six weeks.
  • They received a report of someone setting off fireworks in the valley. Members attended the scene but were unable to locate anyone.
  • Police were dispatched to a bar for a fight and all parties were spoken to and sent on their way.

On Saturday the trouble continued, including some cases that nearly and did turn violent:

  • A child custody dispute was reported, and through discussion, police resolved the situation. The complainant had her son returned.
  • A local liquor establishment was reporting that there were males refusing to leave. They left before any police members could arrive.
  • A 32-year-old Estevan male was arrested for impaired driving, driving while prohibited, and possession of methamphetamines. the court in November.
  • At the hillside area, a young child was found wandering around at 1 AM. Police determined who the parents were and returned the child home. The matter was later referred to the ministry of social services.
  • Police found a 42-year-old Lampman female and charged her with impaired driving, with a court date set for October.
  • Finishing the night, police were dispatched to a local restaurant, that had reported a fight. A 42-year-old nova scotia male was arrested and charged with two counts of assault. He's also set to appear in court in October.

Then on Sunday calls seemed to slow down a bit, though there were still occurrences to attend.

  • Police reported to a business alarm that had gone off, but was found to simply have been left insecure.
  • A case of criminal harassment and breach of court conditions was reported, which is still under investigation.
  • Police were called to a residence in the downtown core where the caller wanted an occupant removed. The situation was remediated by attending members and remains under investigation.