Estevan Recreational Dance Club (ERDC) recently held a recital to highlight the hard work and dedication of its members.  

Brooke Wilson, director and head instructor of ERDC said that it was a great experience to be backstage and support all the students who had put a lot of work in throughout the season. 

“To have that moment where it’s all worth it and you know it’s just absolutely incredible, and it’s so vital for those dancers to get to perform and show everyone what they can do.” 

Wilson also commended students who were able to overcome their stage fright, as well as those who perfected tricky steps they may have struggled with throughout the year.

The ages of the dancers ranged from 3 to 18 and they took part in an array of dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre, and creative movement.  

“It was an incredible day filled with love and support from all of our families and our community.” 

This year ERDC saw an overall increase in those with an interest in dance. Wilson said there was a big increase in tap students, but hip-hop has also remained popular, especially with kids aged 7-10. 

“We also had a really big uptick in our contemporary style this year as well, which is more of a story-based. It’s a mixture of jazz and ballet elements where they really tell their stories through their dancing and through their movements and with their facial expressions.”  

The full recital was filmed and will be available for families to access once the editing has been completed.  

Registration for the next dance season will take place in the summer.