Estevan was represented by numerous people looking to get some information on the future of the city as part of the SUMA convention last week.

The event brings in many representatives from across the province, including mayors, politicians, and council members.

Estevan's Mayor and Council were both at the event, looking to talk about Estevan's future, the state of the province, and attend some of the workshops going on.

Mayor Roy Ludwig says that they learned quite a bit at the event.

"Some of the council members went to some of the informative sessions like community, economic development, intergovernmental affairs, environment, public safety, and health. So you know, there were some good educational sessions here as well."

A topic that did come up among the different jurisdictions gathered was homelessness.

"One of the things was homelessness, which you know in all of the cities across the province, homelessness is becoming a large issue. Of course, along with homelessness, our addictions, and mental health, that's all wrapped into the homelessness problem. It's not only in the larger cities of Saskatoon and Regina, but to some degree right across the province. Homelessness is becoming a very large issue."

While there, Ludwig was trying to get the attention of the different levels of government on the issue of power in Estevan.

"We've been trying for a year now to get the federal government, the provincial government, SaskPower at the table with all of the stakeholders, the workers, to find out what the 2030 date looks like for the coal and for SaskPower here in Estevan."

"We have not been successful to date, in getting a meeting with all of the stakeholders together, but we will continue to try, because again, it's only fair for all of the workers with the coal mine and with the power plant, what does the future here in Estevan look like? As we move toward 2030, we want to get this game plan on what this looks like soon. Get it together sooner than later."