An Estevan athlete has brought home bronze after representing her country in a world competition overseas.

Ella Gudmundson is a roller derby player who was accepted onto the junior Team Canada squad for the Junior Roller Derby World Cup in France.

The experience was great for her, even if she thought the team was poised to take home a silver medal instead.

She says that the entire team made a lot of positive memories from the trip.

"The female team was really excited to be taking home a medal and our open team fought really hard. There was pretty good competition there, so we feel like we played well."

Her roller derby career continues as she's hoping to soon get onto a senior team that will once again take her overseas.

"This year I think I'm going to join Saskatoon's competitive senior league which is their Mindfox team and they tend to travel a lot," said Gudmundson, "They're actually going to Scotland right away here for a tournament, so hopefully, I'll be able to get in on some traveling with them."

She's also looking to start some new roller derby games a bit closer to home.

"Last season I played for team task, which is also an adult league. I played with them and I'm going to try out again for them this year. I'm also going to be starting a senior league in Estevan or a senior team in Estevan," said Gudmundson, "See if I can get enough people to come out for that, that'd be awesome and I'm going to continue coaching in Estevan for my juniors."

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