Estevan can't seem to catch a break during April, as we got yet another Colorado low snowstorm this year.

The snow that came down Wednesday and Thursday combined to plunge the southeast back into winter.

That was also joined by some rain, which added to what was a hefty storm for the area.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains that it's difficult to determine just how much snow fell.

"We're certainly lacking in observations, especially of snowfall. because the system was so close to freezing, there was a lot of melting, really hard to figure out how much fell."

"Moisture-wise, on the 19th, Estevan reported 23.9 millimeters of water equivalent, so that would be rain and melted snow. The snow on the ground was 7 centimeters. On the 20th, an additional 3.1 millimeters, and the snow on the ground had reduced to 5 centimeters. Nothing so far today recorded, but the snow on the ground has increased to 15 centimeters."

While hard to compare to last year's systems, this one was heavier while also delivering less snowfall.

"Certainly the rainfall amounts that came from this one were a bit heavier, compared to the water equivalents that I'm seeing from last year. From last year, there seemed to be more snow on the ground associated with those lows. Hard to compare," said Lang, "But certainly more moisture out of this one, but probably less snow and more in the way of rain."