Heat warnings and chilly days abounded in July, so it might seem like more of an extreme month in terms of temperature.

But the end of the month data is showing the exact opposite - that the month of July was average compared to previous years.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Kyle Fougere explains that was, in fact, actually exactly average:

"Estevan had a really normal July when it comes to temperature. The mean temperature, so an average of the highs and lows, for the month of July was 19.4 degrees Celsius, which is exactly normal for July. It was very close to normal in June and May as well. so far for the summer, it's been pretty normal when you average out all of the temperatures."

Precipitation was above average for the month, placing in the top quarter of all recorded Julys.

"When it comes to precipitation, it was actually slightly above normal for precipitation in the Estevan area with 84 millimeters precipitation in the month of July compared to 68 millimeters normal. So about 124 per cent of what we'd normally see in the month of July, which would be the 25th wettest July out of the last 110 years of data."

One trend was upset from what was normally reported during the summer, as the least amount of rain observed so far this summer was in June.

"A lot of time June is actually the wettest month in the year, averaging about 75 millimeters. But this year we did have a fair bit more in July than we had in June, June was drier than normal and of course, May was extremely wet in the Estevan area. So far, May has been the wettest month of the year and it's likely to end that way."