The Estevan Special Olympics and the Estevan Bruins came together for a night of bowling and sportsmanship at their first For the Love of Sport event.  

“This is huge for the athletes. They are the Bruins biggest fans. A lot of them are in attendance at all the games and know all the stats and so this was just kind of a natural partnership that we thought made sense,” said Claire Robson, from the Estevan Special Olympics.  “You know, as far as the promotion of sports and the development of friendships and community.” 

Sarah Henry said she was excited to play with the hockey team. She said they had never had hockey players, or any other athletes join in, so it was a good experience.  

She said that she regularly enjoys going to Bruins games and has brought her parents and best friends to previous games. 

"It's just how excited they get and how they find it super cool that people are coming to play with them, and it means a lot,” said Estevan Bruin Cade Kennedy. It's amazing seeing the smiles on their faces and being able to make a memory for them and it's just super important.”  

Kennedy said he has been involved in the Special Olympics for the majority of his life, supporting his brother in Regina.  

Greg McGillicky is a seasoned bowler and has been a part of many bowling tournaments in the past. He said the key to bowling is sportsmanship.  

“I don't know who is more excited. The Bruins or the athletes, but there were athletes here early. They've got jerseys they're getting signed by the players. They are ecstatic,” said Robson.  

Kate Hoffer said she is the Bruins #1 fan. She was ecstatic to be playing with her favourite hockey team. By the end of the night, she had received an impressive number of signatures on her jersey and her hat.  

“Well, quite a few of these participants come and watch our guys play. A number of them are big fans of our hockey team, so they come out here to mingle and to bowl with each other. said Bruins Head Coach, Jason Tatarnic. “It’s probably pretty special for them, but also for our guys. It shows how much they mean to them.”  

Overall, the night was full of camaraderie, laughs, and connecting the two sports teams.