An annual Estevan-Weyburn tradition is about to get going on the volleyball court.

This tear's Co-op Challenge, which pits the high school volleyball teams from both Estevan and Weyburn Comprehensive School against one another, is set to begin Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in Estevan.

The competition includes the senior boys and girl's teams from both schools.

"This challenge has been happening for a couple decades," said ECS girls's head coach Tamara Franklin. "What'll happen is, we count up all the sets that have been won by both teams, and whoever comes out with the most wins of course will be victorious. But if there is a tie of sets being won and lost, then we go straight to points."

Weyburn will host the second leg of the event next Wednesday Oct. 12.

Franklin said the event always brings out a lot of pride on both sides.

"It brings school spirit right? Especially after COVID," she said. "You have that kind of bringing your student body together and this really helps lift a little bit of enthusiasm, a little bit of school spirit. It's a friendly match. Even though it's a rivalry, it's still a friendly match."

Franklin added that she likes her school's chances this year.

"Last year we just lost to Weyburn. Weyburn is the more dominant team, but this year I believe Estevan has a very good chance of winning. I'll just say that."

The event also brings in money and food donations. Co-op will match all money donations.

"And then it become a challenge of Estevan Co-op versus Weyburn Co-op too," Franklin said.