In its first year, the Estevan Youth Soccer travel team saw some good results from what was their first tournament in Stoughton.

The U13 and U15 travel team is playing its first season this year, going between locations rather than just playing in Estevan.

Head Coach Derek Mercer says the team did very well in their first outing, with a bit of preparation first.

"We have soccer two nights a week, we have a group that's playing youth soccer, but additionally we meet on Monday nights for those who want to practice towards competing with other communities."

"We attended a tournament in Stoughton on Sunday, it was our first two games of the season. We had a really close-fought game with a team with Weyburn, we lost two to one. That lead to us playing in the B final with Redvers, which we one nine to zero."

Both of those games had MVP awards given to Estevan players after the game.

Mercer said the team played phenomenally both times and also had fun.

"It was excellent. The kids worked really hard, they had a lot of fun, met lots of kids from other communities doing the same thing that they enjoy, and they played really hard. I think they learned a lot with those being the first two soccer games that most of them played, the support from parents was fantastic and the host community was excellent."

He says the giveaways all the kids got from the hosts were well appreciated.

"Now we are looking to play some more games. Believe we're going to a ten-day tournament in Weyburn in a couple of weeks and the kids and the parents are really excited to see more of the kids and see what we can do," said Mercer, "It's been a lot of fun, it's been a really rewarding experiment, and the kids have had great attitudes and great effort."

Mercer says he encourages any youth looking to get into soccer to sign up as the season progresses.