Estevan will be bustling with hockey players, coaches, friends, family, and just plain old fashioned hockey fans when the Centennial Cup starts on Thursday.

City manager Jeff Ward said he's been talking with business owners around town and he can sense the enthusiasm building up.

"You know we're already hearing stories that all the hotels are booked up. I know restaurants are getting ready I've talked to a couple of them," said Ward. "We're estimating you know a two to three to four million dollar economic impact for this event for the city."

"We're super excited that we were able to bring this, especially with it being 10 teams...the first of its kind for this tournament."

He said everyone is already getting into the spirit of things.

"It's fantastic to see...some of the businesses downtown and otherwise getting posters up to welcome the teams...everyone's super excited."

The tournament runs until May 29. With Affinity Place being the hub, there will be a few services that won't be available to the public during the event.

Obviously the walking track will not be available. We're also going to take the multi-purpose (room) out of use so that two teams can warm up with some land training in that area."