A weekend jam-packed with festivities and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 20s will also include more police at events and on the roads.

The Energy City Ex is going on in Estevan, as the KCRA rodeo combines with the midway fair for a four-day event. And Lampman hosts its Sports Weekend and Street Dance.

"We kicked things off yesterday with the parade, which, weather-wise, seems like an official kick off to summer," said Estevan RCMP Cpl. Craig Park. "With all the events going on this weekend, it makes to be a busy weekend."

Park said they'll have officers throughout their jurisdiction.

"You should expect to see a lot of police cars on the highways over the weekend. We're going to be checking into all the events and just making a presence, making people aware that we're around."

He said he hopes a very visible presence will desuade people from driving impaired.

"Sometimes if you have that one too many to drink or something and you're thinking about getting behind the wheel, and you see a police car roll by, it hopefully deters that sort of activity," he said. "I'm hoping everybody makes the right choice this weekend. Plan ahead. If you're heading out of town to some of these events and plan to have a drink, plan to have a driver as well."

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