Teacher job action continues across the province this week by withdrawing supervision of extra-curricular activities. In the southeast, some events are already feeling the impact.    

The Battle of the Books was slated to begin today for Grade 7 & 8 students, with around 70 students registered. 

Grace English, the literacy coordinator with the Estevan Area Literacy Group, said that the teachers would have transported the students but as it was considered an extra-curricular activity the event had to be postponed.

Battle of the Books is a program run through the literacy group where students are given a series of books to read within a set time frame, usually a couple of months, and they create groups.  

Groups from different schools then get together, are asked a series of questions, and the group is given an allotted amount of time to answer, the group with the highest points wins the battle for that age group for that school.  

English said that she had hoped to continue the event, but due to the strike, it wasn't possible. 

The next battle of the books is set for Thursday, March 7, this time for Grade 5 & 6 students.

English said that she fully supports the teachers in the school systems, but it is unfortunate for the students who are the ones missing out.  

“The government needs to know that,” said English. “These are the things that are going to happen if they don’t start listening.”  

She noted that today's event will be rescheduled, but the new date has not been set.