Extreme cold is settling across western Canada, bringing the first weather warning from Environment Canada of the winter.

Windchill values from -40 to -50 degrees are forecast for the overnights. Daytime conditions will only be slightly more bearable.

That's expected to last until Monday, with below-seasonal temperatures continuing past that.

The cold has arrived later than other years, explained Environment Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell.

"December was extremely warm compared to normal pretty much everywhere in Western Canada and looking at previous seasons, December 2022 had some very cold temperatures, even kind of early in the month. So to be issuing maybe the first extreme cold warning for the southeastern corner of Saskatchewan by the 12th of January, this is late."

The cold period will also be relatively short by January standards, even if the days seem to drag on.

"We're not looking at a hugely extended period and extremely cold conditions like a few years ago," said Hasell, "I think we had a January that was like a -30 or something like that, or at least wind chills at -40 for days on end, like 3 weeks or something. Luckily, we're not talking about that in this case. This event should not last that long."

Hasell reminded everyone to take precautions with the cold in the air.