Thursday night the agricultural community celebrated with the annual Farm Family of the Year awards banquet.  

Family View Farm was the recipient of this year's award. The farm consists of the Olson and Walliser Families—Curtis and Wendy Walliser, their daughter Ashley, her husband Tyler Olson, and their son Sade.  

“They are continually trying to adapt their farm to keep up with the challenges and benefits of changing technology while utilizing innovation wherever they can,” said Brian Molstad who announced the winner of the award. 

Their focus is on grain farming, including wheat, canola, peas, and soybeans. Their family farm started as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s and continues to this day. Making the family fourth, fifth, and sixth generations farmers.  

“We believe our farm, along with the others in this community and area are very fortunate to have such great relationships with the local agriculture businesses,” said Tyler Olson during his acceptance speech.  “There aren’t many jobs or industries where it’s bring your child to work every day. Or where you can have three or sometimes even four generations literally working side by side to achieve the same goals and successes,”  

“Our family is truly honoured to accept this award and we would like to wish everyone a safe and successful farming season,” concluded Olson.

“I think agriculture is so important to the fabric of what Saskatchewan is. To be able to celebrate these farm families on an annual basis is just fantastic for our community,” said MLA Lori Carr. “There are people that have given back to our community and now it’s nice to say thank you.  

The other highlights of the event included the 4-H Speeches. The six speakers ranged in topics, from Lego to Missed Opportunities. The crowd was overall impressed with the level of public speaking by the youth. 

The keynote speaker was Alex Clarke, she described her time working through the ranks as a professional hockey official. She worked at the Beijing 2022 Olympics and works as an official in the Professional Women's Hockey League. She described herself as a farmer and farmwife and is currently employed at Farm Credit Canada.