One exemplary agricultural family is being celebrated with the Farm Family Award given to them by the Estevan Chamber of Commerce.

That's given out to one family every year that a board finds exemplifies the community involvement and innovation that makes them notable producers.

Executive Director Jackie Wall says they've got a lot of history with the event.

"The Farm Family Award and event has really evolved over the years. We have records back to 1985 with the award winners and we will have a list of all those award winners in our program this year. It has been something that has gone on for a very long time, far before I moved into this role."

Besides the current winners, they'll also be commemorating the previous two winners who couldn't have a public event.

"We will also have the previous two years' farm family award winners there so we can publicly recognize them," said Wall, "Because we had to shift the awards over the past couple of years and we celebrated with them on their farms during COVID."

The board has to look at a variety of factors when it comes to selecting a family, which can be difficult.

"Usually it comes down to a really, really tough decision, I will tell you that. The farming community has been so involved in the communities and they are so passionate in what they do, it just comes with the nature of being a farmer and so, it is very, very difficult to select a winner."

"We look at how long they have been in the farming community," said Wall, "What contributions they make within their industries but also within their communities. Anything that really stands out, whether it's multigenerational, or multi-aspects of farming. There's the ranching side, there's the farming side, there are the innovations as far as production and processing."

We'll have an announcement on who the farm family winner is right after the event.