The Estevan Chamber of Commerce's Farm Family of the Year award goes to a family that farms in the southeast in an effort to celebrate the agricultural families in the area.

This year the award goes to the Walter family, who farm just east of Lampman. 

Judy and Mark Walter, who accepted the award, have been farming on the land since 1989, and it's been in their family for generations.

Mark says that it's great to see people care about farming in the southeast community.

"It's great. I mean anytime you can acknowledge the farming community (is great). To win it is certainly unexpected but is very much appreciated. Anybody that supports agriculture should be acknowledged for doing so," he said.

They were also acknowledged as one of the winners of our Seed and Feed contest, with lunch brought in and supplied by Southern Plains Co-op, among other sponsors.

seed and feed

The Walters' farm, known as 5G Farms, was just one of the many southeast farms that received heavy doses of rain and snow over the past few months and ended up with a lot of extra moisture as a result.

That's delayed seeding a bit, but they're hoping they can get it done right away.

"We're going to be finishing up reasonably good by tomorrow I think, or today for sure, it's good. I mean there are places a lot drier and a lot wetter than us, so we're not bad," Mark Walter said.

Even with that excess moisture, they managed to stave off worst-case scenarios. They also managed to get a good amount of moisture overall last year, when a drought held down the province.

The location has been ideal for their work, producing great results consistently.

"We're very fortunate to be farming here in this area because we never had very many crop failures here, we've been very lucky," he said.

"I just hope everybody has a good year, has a safe seeding, and they enjoy the year."