A collection of Estevan representatives are letting the rest of the country know just what the city's got at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities event in Toronto.

That lasts from May 25 to 28, with a gathering of municipality officials and representatives from across the nation.

The days also have a variety of sessions for the attendees, as explained by Estecan City Councillor Rebecca Foord.

"There are learning sessions this year, they're offering two study tours a day if you want to hop on those. A lot of it's learning about homelessness, this morning I actually got to listen to an education centre about one of the indigenous innovation centres that are coming to Toronto and it's currently being built, which is lined up great with some of the innovation things that we're doing in Esteban and later this afternoon, I'm actually touring one of the innovation centres and incubators in Toronto, which is also fantastic cause it's helping us meet and figure out how to align some of our goals with what's happening with the rest of the country." 

They're also representing Estevan and forging relationships with other communities so they know just what's going on in our city.

"One of the big things that we're doing right now as a city and as Estevan and as representatives of Estevan is just telling, as many people as we can about Esteban and what we have to offer and what we're doing with innovation, what we're doing with power, what we're doing with energy and we're really pushing the fact that we are a coal community, but we have the CCS technology. We're educating people on it and it is shocking how many people didn't realize that we do have that carbon capture technology in our community."  

"Everybody said, oh, you're from Estevan, you're losing your power plant. We said, well, we're fighting really hard to not lose it and we're trying to, you know, reach the right people who are willing to listen to us and a lot of the people have been very receptive to what we have to say, and they're just genuinely interested. So it's great to be able to make those connections with mayors and councillors from all over the country to say, 'hey, these people, these people have something to fight for and they're they've kind of got our backs', which is nice."

Foord says that the connections they make here will help to think up new solutions for Estevan.

"Not only do you get to connect with a lot of the people who are throughout the country and find out some of their problems and realize that you're having some of the same issues in your community with growth or economic development, but you also get the opportunity to then talk to the Manitobans, the Albertas, the rest of Saskatchewan people that are here too in a little bit smaller setting."