The southeast is seeing a thunderstorm bearing down, the first one of 2023.

The system is expected to be somewhat calm, though any thunderstorm still brings risks with it.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang details the system and just what it will bring to the area.

"We have some unstable air to the South of Saskatchewan and we've already seen some of the thundershowers make their way into southwestern Saskatchewan. We are expecting more showers and thundershowers to move into southeastern Saskatchewan, but again, it's going to be sort of that hit-and-miss nature of showers and thundershowers. So you may see one and you may not see one."  

Unlike some of the large thunderstorms that appear during the summer, any rain which does appear is unlikely to be substantial.

"It's not looking like it is, although we have seen small hail that was reported around the Leader area yesterday. So you could probably see something like that but right now, the atmosphere," said Lang, "There isn't enough moisture in it to support really big, heavy thunderstorms quite yet. We're still in such a dry state that we're not expecting any big severe thunderstorms." 

That's set to break partway through Wednesday, though the break may not last overly long, with more possible near the end of the week.

"It's going to sort of lose its oomph, I think, towards the end of the week because we have a ridge of high pressure that's building in," said Lang, "We are looking at a weather system to the south that might get itself a little bit more organized and some models are indicating that there might be some rain moving into the southeast corner of the province and that would be sort of late Thursday, Friday, and maybe into early Saturday, but not all the weather models agree."